Solidarity is a strong driver of commitment. Naturally, our partners and employees in all locations are involved in local social, cultural, academic and non-profit endeavours.

As a company, we feel a particularly close connection with the north-western region of Germany and its people, and we contribute to the region in a number of very practical ways.


We are happy to sponsor various sporting and musical events.

For example, we have been supporting the Bremen Musical Festival for many years now. The festival has extended from Bremen throughout the entire northwest and its programme reflects our thinking to a certain degree: stylistic diversity paired with the highest quality.

The Eisbären Bremerhaven basketball team, which we support and sponsor, is also characterised by quality and great commitment.


In our opinion, art should always be part of a diverse society. We are glad to be able to promote the artistic life of the city and help shape it in a small way through our commitment as a member of the Unternehmenssalon of Kunstverein Bremen. In doing so, we are following into the footsteps of the merchants of Bremen, who have always put their sense of community above mere profit.

In Hanover, we are part of the Kestner Gesellschaft sponsoring group. As one of the largest German art associations, the Kestner Gesellschaft has been pursuing the goal of bringing contemporary, international art to the state capital of Lower Saxony for over 100 years. Through the financial but also non-material support from the sponsoring group, we can express our particular interest in the preservation and expansion of cultural diversity in the region.


By purchasing an electric company car at our headquarters in Bremen, we deliberately set an example to promote a sustainable form of transportation. Electric cars are a great way to reduce the environmental impact of traffic. Our commitment in this area will be continuous.

We supply our branches with green electricity, 100% of which is generated from renewable sources. In supplying our offices with completely CO2-free energy in the form of the use of wind and solar as well as hydroelectricity and energy generated from biomass, we are doing our part to support climate protection.