Tax law often seems confusing. That is precisely why we will provide you with clear, comprehensible advice.

Whether in current tax-related matters or with regard to tax planning or special decision-making situations, such as corporate transactions, restructuring measures, succession planning or cross-border activities. Your contact will navigate the correct application of tax laws and advise how best to exploit the existing scope for action with confidence.

Would you like to expand your business operations into Germany? We offer comprehensive support with the establishment of German subsidiaries or industrial premises and will advise you regarding all aspects of tax registration (set-up consultation). Once the day-to-day operations are in place, we will take care of your accounting, prepare your annual financial statements, and file your tax returns for your German subsidiaries.

The focus is on the world.

Tax planning often also touches on legal and economic aspects. Therefore, the collaboration between you and your advisor will always focus on the overall context.

Through close collaboration with our auditors, entrepreneurial and IT consultants, we are able to identify tax issues at an early stage and to attend to them in a systematic fashion. Our focus is always on finding the most economically viable solution for you.

This also applies to cross-border activities. Together with our partners in the worldwide Praxity alliance, we support you with regard to all international tax law questions.