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Entrepreneurs need partners. Let’s meet as equals.

We share with our clients a passion for entrepreneurial thinking and responsible action. This common ground creates the prerequisite and trust for a close, clear and consistent dialog. At eye level. At six locations throughout Germany.

And also across borders – thanks to our partnership in the international PRAXITY alliance.

Competence in depth.

Clearly pointing out opportunities and honestly communicating limits – following these guidelines, we advise our clients closely and transparently. With decades of experience in various industries and deep expertise in tax consulting and auditing.

Consulting across the board.

Digitization, diversification, regulation – through our many years of expertise and cross-industry insights, we know the broad spectrum of challenges companies face. This interdisciplinary approach is what sets us apart. Because only those who look at the whole can also be convincing in detail.

Partner? Let’s take it literally.

Partner? Let’s take it literally.

Understanding the individual needs of our clients cannot be cultivated academically. It develops from many years of experience and knowledge of the perspectives of others. That’s why at FIDES you talk to real entrepreneurs – our partners. Not once, but always.

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